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July-October 2022

The Background

PLWHIV (people living with HIV) are often disproportionately impacted by racial/gender/sexual orientation discrimination. As such, their experience drives inequities and general medical mistrust.

The Ask

Create an unbranded experiential event that introduces and launches Brave Talks at USCHA (US Conference on HIV/AIDS) in October 2022, with content focused on having “Brave Talks” with loved ones, friends, and healthcare providers.

What challenges did I face?

Initially the client wanted to create a media library a la Netflix or Hulu, but budget and timing prevented this idea from moving forward. Instead, we proposed a single landing page.

From the start, timing was an issue as there were only a few months to get the site live.

Lastly, what held the project up even further was indecision from the client on where this page should live. Ultimately, two different stakeholders had to compromise and decided it would live as part of the already-existing, unbranded website

The strategy

This project required a quick turnaround, so rather than go through our typical process, I began collaborating with the content strategist right away.

Our strategy was to focus on three content buckets: health inequities, medical mistrust, and self-advocacy using bite-size pieces of info while incorporating impactful, eye catching statistics designed as infographics.

Each section contained a high-level overview, pertinent stats,

and downloadable resources. Two sections also included quotes to create more personable connection. The last section also was home to accordions with Brave Talks Conversations Starters that expanded to reveal information/tips for PLWHIV to talk to their healthcare provider, family, or friends.

The wireframes

I created the wires in Sketch. Knowing our audience would be primarily conference attendees, it was even more vital to design with a mobile-first mindset. I included an anchor-link menu at the top of the page with links to each section of content, as well as "back to top" buttons in between so the user could easily navigate the long scrolling page.

The wires consist of numerous FPO images and lorem ipsum text. The content strategist and copywriter worked together to source the relevant information and created a copy doc that was handed off to our UI designer along with my wires.

Mobile Wireframes


Despite minor timing hiccups, the site went live in time for the conference and was well-received. Attendees could access the site by visiting the accompanying conference booth and scanning a QR code.

The client was incredibly pleased with how everything came together, and other conference attendees even remarked that the booth as a whole was the "stand out" of USCHA.

Live Site Creative

View the live site here.

Next Steps

Stay tuned for the next phase of this project – building out the full media/resource library.